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It is a pioneer in meeting the requirements of efficiency, productivity and development!

Every company is formed under the assumption of continuity, requiring the acquisition of resources in order to generate goods and/or services to be placed on the market. ItaBrasil was born from this need for continuity and expansion in the field of beekeeping. Over several years of experience working with bees, its creator José Maria de Oliveira observed the need to expand his research in order to meet the great interest of other countries in the propolis produced in our region.

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Our customers said!

Excellent company, which experiences the entire beekeeping process, from the production to the packaging of various finished products.

Eldia P.


I highly recommend it, especially now at a time when we most need to take care of our immunity.

Elina R.

Itapecerica - MG

At Ita Brasil you will find the best natural products to help your health!

Gabriela Silva

Itapecerica - MG

Excellent quality company!

Jucimar L.

Itapecerica - MG

Quality and competence are two words that define this company! Its products are of excellence and the collaborating team is always thinking about the best to serve us.

Lidiane M.

Itapecerica - MG

I am a reseller of ITA Brasil products in my Emporium and I am very satisfied with the service and quality of the products.

Fernanda Silva

Divinópolis - MG

I love the company's new website. Ita Brasil has a production process from the field to our home.


Contagem - MG

Ita Brasil Sachets are the tastiest I've ever tried.


Belo Horizonte – MG

At Ita Brasil you will find excellent quality products, accompanied by a competent team that always do their best to provide qualified service to their customers.



At Ita Brasil we find excellent natural products that are essential to take care of our immunity. Wonderful team!



Ita Brasil always seeks to better serve its customers. And it aims at product quality.



Ita Brasil is a well qualified company, with natural products that contribute to our health, of extreme quality!



Ita Brazil! A company that has been evolving every day to improve the quality of our products and better serve our customers