Our current infrastructure comprises a 38-employee team engaged in fabricating hives of wood, collecting and transporting the propolis which is forwarded from our rural facilities to our urban laboratories, for cleaning, classification and packaging. Today, ItaBrasil stands out as the pioneer in meeting the demands of efficiency,
productivity, development and customer satisfaction.

  •         The word propolis carries two meanings, in accordance with its Greek origin: "in defense of the city", or "structure of the city". From this, it may be inferred that the hive is a city of bees, and the propolis is produced to protect the hive from predators. The hives of ItaBrasil are situated in a privileged region whose native vegetation is " alecrim do campo" , which is responsible for the production of green propolis, known to be of the highest quality. We work with all grades of propolis, ranging from those of superior quality (Extra Green, First, and Second) to intermediate quality (Third, Resin, Scraping, and Powder). Every product that we have is stamped with the Brazilian Federal Inspection System (SIF) seal. The extract of green propolis brings several benefits to human health. It is used as a powerful natural antibiotic for the treatment of inflammation, amygdalate and colds. It also serves as a raw material in the fabrication of sweets, tablets and sprays, among other things.

  •         ItaBrasil is currently responsible for around 3500 beehives, located in an area well known for its favorable climate and vegetation. The period between October and June is the harvest season, when production intensifies in quantity, yet, retaining its superior commitment to quality. The bees produce up to 1.11 lb of " própolis" a month during the harvest period. The beginning of production usually takes place in October when an opening is made between the hive and the comb frame. The bees then close the opening with propolis. The " própolis" is carefully harvested by hand by ItaBrasil beekeepers who remove the propolis deposited between the hive and comb frame. After harvesting, the propolis is transported to our laboratories where it is received, refined and graded according to quality.

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